On that multitasking game my score was 42

My storybird

My charecter description
This is a soldier from world war 2

This is my limrick about a little dog turning into a frog.a limrick has a pattern that goes A A B B A It makes me feel....Proud,Happy you name it!!!

Simile poem
I made a simile poem about a hipporinostrichcow.I used similes,adjectives and alliteration.



My newspaper articel is about James, Nicolas and lachlan finding tresure

My Holiday Journal - October-2009

My trip to seattle IMG_1382.JPG

How I got there.
My mum and my dad and myself departed from Singapore at
5:50 AM with northwest airline and landed in Tokyo Japan then we ate japanise food then we switched plane. Then we landed in Seattle at 8:30 AM. We stayed at westin hotel Bellevue.

Day 1.... Sunday 11/10/09

Me my mum and my dad went down stairs to westin hotel cafe and lounge we had a YUMMY breakfast. Then we went to Pike place market we went to a seafood restaurant. We ate clams, prawns and soup.

Then we went to Mrs. Goff house for dinner and I met Duke, Duchess who are golden retriever dogs and little Bentley who is a Bulldog

Day 2....Monday 12/10/09

We went to a outlet mall and had Cheese Pizza for lunch and almost lost my mum!!!!

Day 3....Tuesday 13/10/09

Me and my dad went to the zoo and went to my Mr. & Mrs. Varney’s house to meet Charlie and had dinner there too.
Day 4....Wednesday 14/10/09

Me and my dad went to the
aquarium. A few hours later I me and my dad picked up my mum and then we all went to the space needle a tall needle looking thingy with a giant circle around it. After that we celebrated Anthony’s birthday.

Day 5....Thursday 15/10/09 Me and my dad went to the flight museum and me and my dad went on a ride were you have to shoot planes down then my dad told me to go up side down and then we went up side down!!!!!!!

Then went to my mum’s friends house.

Day 6....Friday16/10/09

I spent most of the day in mum’s Microsoft campus in Redmond and then my mum’s friend picked us up then we watched some football game. Then went to my mum’s friend for a dinner. IMG_1414.JPG

Day 7....Saturday 17/10/09 We came back from AMERICA. We left 2:00 pm and arrived in Tokyo on Sunday at 4:00and arrived in Singapore on M0nday at 1:00 am. It was very hot in long sleeves!!!!!!!!!!!!

====No day 8 since we lost one day coming back from America, Dad said
Day 9....Monday 19/10/09 I stayed home the whole day!

Day 10....Tuesday 20/10/09

I went to mum’s office and stayed of a meeting with her team. I told story about the IWB and class wikis

Day 11....Wednesday 21/10/09 went to SPCA and met my ....maybe...adopted dogsJ

Day 12....Thursday 22/10/09 Lazy day...Mum was working from home.

Day 13....Friday 23/10/09

I had play date with Kirra and Jo Cook

Day 14....Saturday 24/10/09 we adopted Pepsi and Buddy, took them home and bought them some new toys!!!