We did this for fun and we learned many kinds of layers! I support Japan! GO JAPAN!

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listen to my story!

My funny or kind or shy friend by Ayaka4 on Storybird
My kind friends by Ayaka4 on Storybird

Simile poem

we wrote the poem! That poem all about hipporhiostricow!

But my friend give me clue little bit
And I wrote the very funny thing in the poem!

I wrote story about my week!!!!

Only Information of I like to share
On Monday in school bus 2 bus anty is there so I ask to Lucy-Anne and she said to me “The old anty well go away from here”
And I said “OH”
On same day I have lunch CCA that is young author and I have good time!!!
On Friday I have the after school CCA that is Musical theater and Minne(Min kyoung),
Sonia is doing Musical theater too!
So we go together and Ms Mapa said from today we will make a show!!
And I have a nice time!!!
I went Japan for holiday and I go to 3place.
First I went Iida.
And I went onsen and I drank some juice!
And next I went to Tokyo and on Friday I go to old school it was fun!!!
And last I went Chiba and play with dog!!
And it was fun!!!
I am having fun time!!!
On today I received rhythmic gymnastic record card!!
I went to Min kyoung's house
Now I am at changi air port!

By Ayaka!

This is me! Before I came to Singapore my friend E-mail for me!

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