This Week's Spelling Words - Changing adjectives to verbs by adding -en
Spelling City has to be the coolest way to learn your spellings alone! Click on the banner below to enter your spelling words and hear them in sentences. You can then learn your words, test yourself and even play some funky games! Take a look, you won't be disappointed! (you will need sound on your computer)
Makes practicing for spelling tests fun

Maths Homework - Times tables Practice

Practice your times tables with our fun HIT THE BUTTON game by clicking on the picture below


Octopus Factors
Here is an online version of the Octopus FACTORS game you played in your Maths lesson this week. Click on the picture to play. You can play against a partner or the computer. Enjoy...

Language Arts - Collective Nouns
Click on the picture to find a huge list of collective nouns! What's the name for a group of monkeys? Or a group of dragons? Hmmmm........