Me as a football player!!!

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There was a hot air balloon with a boy called Edward, his dog, Carlo and his noisy parrot Squawk.
Edward was tall and handsome,with brownish blonde hair and black eyes.
His dog Carlo,was a beautiful white colour with floppy ears. Squawk was red and green,with a golden beak.
The city Edward had come from was a beautiful place,with a stadium like the Colosseum, a tall tower and an ice-capped mountain.
Behind Edward there was a raging waterfall,with waves crashing over it.
The waterfall was a vivid blue,with foam spraying over it.It smelt salty and fresh.
On the side of the waterfall there was another hot-air balloon,floating perilously close to the water.
Me in the snow up a mountain called Moel Famau

This is my news article.

My Character description

This my Harry Potter Description

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Funny Poems

I try my best to be polite.
I know what's wrong and what is right.
but sometimes little parts of me
act up and bug my family.

My tongue sticks out.
My knuckles crunch.
My lips make smacking sounds at lunch.
My fingers poke and pinch and kick.
My feet jump out or trip or kick.
My mouth says words that aren't nice-
Today it spit...and tattled twice!

So don't blame me for what they did.
It's not my fault!
I'm just a kid!
By Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz

Hello everyone,today I went to Sentosa.
I played a lot with my friends Ollie and William and now we are at home
This has been a nice day for me because i had footy cca
Hello everyone! Today has been a fun day for all of us because we have had our parents coming in.


Hello everyone! Great to be back at school its only that I have got to pack my bag and my mum nags me a lot!


Hello everyone! Today I wrote a limerick about my dad.

Simile Poem
I wrote a poem about a HIPPORHINOSTRICOW and I really enjoyed it !!!!!!!!
We used similes and alliteration