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This website lets you create online story books! Click on the picture below to explore other children's books and create your own! You will need to register with an email address (by clicking 'sign up'). If you don't have an email address, you can sign in as me! My username is misterhughes and my password is mykids. It would be better if you made your own account so please ask your parents to help you. It's worth the little bit of effort, I promise! Have fun!


This is the ULTIMA TE poetry website for kids! Visit Kenn Nesbitt's poetry playground for hilarious poems, funny poetry podcasts and much, much more! It even has a BRILLIANT rhyming dictionary to help you create your own poems (I bet you can't find a word that rhymes with ORANGE!)

Click here to visit Giggle Poetry. You can rate and read lots of funny poems!

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