8th March 2010
During our Chinese New Year holiday, JAMES COLLINS decided to put together a slideshow. On a recent trip to Bintan with his family, James was inspired by the conservation efforts in place to help new-born turtles. James showed that he was very KNOWLEDGEABLE and CARING and even showed us some video clips of the turtles entering the ocean for the first time. Great job James!

1st February 2010
Well it's been a while since I've updated this section of our Wiki guys. Sorry if I missed putting your excellent work up on the Wiki! There has been lots of brilliant work completed by everyone since coming back to school after Christmas but the first Work of the Week of 2010 has to go to LACHLAN! He wrote an awesome newspaper report about Manchester United (Of course, it would have been MUCH better if it had been about EVERTON! Hehe, only kidding Lachlan!). READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Look out on the student pages for more great newspaper reports (coming soon!).

20th November 2009
For Book Week, the children have been busy decorating the front door of the classroom. Everybody cooperated really well to come up with some really creative animals/bugs/plants/skeletons/bananas! Well done guys, I'm really impressed with how great the jungle, I mean door, looks!

IMG_0543.jpg IMG_0538.jpgIMG_0539.jpgIMG_0541.jpgIMG_0542.jpg

16th October 2009
As an end to our first Unit of Inquiry, this week the children designed their own FAIR TEST to compare the properties of different materials. Some children tested which materials would float, which materials would be best at letting magnets work through them and whether all materials let light travel through them. All the tests were planned and carried out very scientifically by the studets! I was particularly impressed with Ellica, Angharad, and Lucy who came up with an ingenious way of testing which material was the strongest. They used thesauruses as weights and saw which material could hold the most. Well done girls, very creative thinking!
333.jpg 111.jpg22.jpg

12th October 2009
This week's Work of the Week goes to LIAM! Although he was ill and missed our Snow City trip, Liam showed great ENTHUSIASM for our poetry unit and wrote some stunning limericks whilst sick at home. My personal favourite was the one about boogers! YUK!

LIAM_WORK_OF_WEEK.jpg IMG_0511.jpg

5th October 2009
It was really difficult to choose this week's Work of the Week because of all the hilarious limericks that the children wrote during our Language Arts lessons. So I decided that this week I would give the work of the week to a student who went home and inquired into how different materials change under different temperatures. Well done AKIMASA! You deserve the Work of the Week for your own independent learning!

This week's Work of the Week goes to.......LACHLAN! We read 'The Hipporhinostricow' by Spike Milligan and then drew a picture of what we thought it would look like. Afterwards, we used similes and alliteration to compose our 6 line poems before publishing them using Powerpoint. Everybody did a really great job creating images with words but Lachlan gets the Work of the Week award because his poem really made me crack up laughing! Well Done Lachlan!

Super Simile Poems
Have a read of the poems that we created as a group. We used alliteration and similes to describe our funky animals. Keep a look out on the student pages for their individual poems which will be coming soon...



Our first Work of the Week goes to....Ayaka, Lucy-Anne, Grace, Nadja, Min Kyoung, Haruka and Angharad! The girls cooperated with each other to make a Play-Doh celebration for Teachers' Day. They also made a small bangle for another student! Well done and thank you girls, that's very Caring of you!